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Our Magnet Program

Beginning in (UTK), our students learn about the human body systems through an inquiry-based instructional approach and project-based hands-on learning. Our emphasis on medical and health science promotes investigation and exploration of the human body to further student understanding that directly connects to future academic studies and potential careers in the medical and health industries.


The Dr. Sammy Lee Health Science Fair and Open House welcomes parents and families to see student projects and demonstrations of their acquired knowledge in the field of health science. Our curriculum also includes weekly coding classes led by trained educators from Code Campus who guide students through grade-specific computer science pedagogies, helping them to develop comfort and confidence using coding as part of their regular school day activities. Starting in UTK, every student has one-to-one access to Apple iPads (UTK-1) and Chromebooks (2-5), with technology integrated into the curriculum throughout the instructional day. Our school is part of the LAUSD Arts Program, where students participate in our dance, vocal, and visual arts classes.

Our partnerships include Children’s Hospital Los Angeles (CHLA), where doctors from CHLA visit our school monthly and engage with students in classroom-based learning activities. Our physical fitness program is led by the YMCA PLAY experts, who visit our campuses weekly to deliver a high-quality, research-based health and wellness curriculum. Aligned with the California Physical Education Content Standards, PLAY significantly impacts underfunded schools in communities throughout Los Angeles.