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Advisory Committees - SSC and ELAC

SSC (School Site Council)
SSC is intended to be a decision-making body representing all school community stakeholders. SSC helps develop, monitor, and revise the Single Plan for Student Achievement and allocates resources to support the plan.
2023-2024 School Site Council Officers and Members
Jee Sun Chung, Member
Catherine Pinfold, Chairperson
Rochelle Flores, Vice Chairperson
Desiree Medrano, Secretary
Jocelyn Reyes, Parliamentarian
Maria Guandique, Member
Irma Sanchez, Member
Jasmin Morales, Member
Anallely Quintero, Member
Rosa Cortez, Member
Ana Alegria, Member 
SSC Meeting Agendas and Minutes
ELAC (English Learner Advisory Committee)
The ELAC is a committee for parents and other community members who want to advocate for English Learners. The purpose of ELAC is to advise the principal and school staff on programs and services for English learners and the School Site Council (SSC) on developing the School Plan for Student Achievement. 
2023-2024 English Learner Advisory Committee (ELAC)Officers and Members 
Nelly Cruz, Chairperson     
Gloria Martinez, Vice-Chairperson
Karina Lopez, Secretary             
Yesenia Valtierra, Parliamentarian
Rosa Cortez, EL Delegate
ELAC Meeting Agendas and Minutes